We’re going to take a week off to recharge here at HU. So we’ll be back around the 17th or thereabouts with new content. I may highlight featured archives posts throughout the week depending on how peppy I’m feeling.
On HU,

Featured Archive Post: Derik Badman on comics and poetry.

I argue that The Spy Who Came In From the Cole is not very good.

Walidah Imarisha with an excerpt from a short story that is going to be included in the sci-fi and social justice anthology Octavia’s Brood.

Chris Gavaler on Wolverine and superheroes never growing old.

Alex Buchet with the first part of a series on the prehistory of the superhero — in this one discussing Enlightenment notions of individuality.

I talk about Dan Clowes, the Death Ray, and superhero parodies.

Isaac Butler on “The Last of Us”, the Watchmen of video games.

Patrick Carland provides an introduction to Russian animation.
Utilitarians Everywhere

Kind of a crazy week for the freelancing.

I was interviewed on Weekend Edition about Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire.

At Slate XX I wrote about how it’s in my interest as a guy to be a feminist.

One of my drawings was annexed by a hedge fund manager.

At the Atlantic I wrote about:

—how my son is unaccountably a thespian.

—why, unlike Hillary Chute, I don’t necessarily want comics to be poetry.

At Splice Today I wrote about:

—Why Walter Becker’s 1st solo album was better than Steely Dan compatriot Donald Fagen’s overrated Nightfly.

Feminists, transwomen, and gendered discrimination against men.

I wrote a piece on social media rules for teachers at the Loyola Center for Digital Ethics.

At the Goodman Project I wrote about Trayvon Martin and misandry.

Other Links

Selena Kitt on wanting to be a slut.

Mary Beth Williams on why men shouldn’t be scared of feminists.

Alyssa Rosenberg with a great reported piece on sexism in comics (HT: Isaac Butler)

Zack Beauchamp on scientism and ethics.

Why a black girl should be Wonder Woman.

Katie Ryder on white music fans being afraid of difference.


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