Featured Archive Post: Aishwarya Subramanian on Timpa, an Indian analogue to Tintin.

Chris Gavaler on animal men and superhero dualism.

Ng Suat Tong on xkcd’s Time and the oddly muted reaction from comic critics.

Jacob Canfield on the video game Dragon’s Crown and in-group sexism.

Alex Buchet continues his prehistory of the superhero, this time focusing on vampires, victorians and vendettas.

Me on how Zita the Space Girl is not a strong female character, thank goodness.
Utilitarians Everywhere

The Toast published a poem I wrote about mustaches, with illustrations by Bert Stabler.

At the Atlantic I review Drinking Buddies, an honest to goodness decent romcom.

At Splice Today I wrote about:

a Gillette ad that doesn’t challenge gender roles, no matter how many people say it does.

Hugo Schwyzer and networking for social justice and profit.

— the ugly spectacle of white anti-racist Tim Wise on the defensive.

Other Links

Vice on how the Best Music Writing anthology is dead.

Jaimie Utt on the “that’s racist against white people” argument.

John Scalzi on using storify to stalk.

Who school reform is meant to benefit (hint: not children.)

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