I’m supposed to be on NPR’s Weekend Edition, I think today, (Update: Nope, it’s on Sunday) talking about Johnny Cash and “Ring of Fire”. Not sure what time though….


Featured Archive Post: Sarah Horrocks on Salammbo.

Me on the sometimes pleasing but not this time crappiness of Bonnie Raitt.

I express skepticism about ev psych’s ability to understand the mind.

Me on conventions of violence in We3, Spy vs. Spy, and martyrs.

Richard Cook on the crappy Evil Dead remake.

Chris Gavaler on how a radioactive spider bite means you have puberty for all eternity.

A 50 Shades/Cthulhu ebook which you can purchase for your enjoyment, and/or to help us help you. Heaving tentacles! Thrashing bosoms! Limping ecommerce!

Ng Suat Tong on whether Joss Whedon deliberately defaced John Totleben’s art.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At the Atlantic I wrote about how Johnny Cash sang a love song to himself.

At Wired I write about crazy Japanese fusion and how the internet killed the music bargain bin.

At Slate I talk about the feminist blogosphere, male writers, and Hugo Schwyzer.

At Splice I talk about:

Why Anthony Weiner’s penis is funny.

G.I. Joe, Mike Vosburg, and work for hire.

At the Good Men Project I talk about transgender kids and gender essentialism.

Other Links

Osvaldo Oyola on Spider-Man, Watchmen, and race.

Tom Spurgeon hosts a conversation about the direction of comics journalism.

Noam Scheiber on Obama’s boy’s club.


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