Featured Archive Post: Jones, One of the Jones Boys on visual aliens; characters drawn in a different style than everything around them.

Jack B. on Johnny Ryan and the appeal of bullying.

We’re going to have an indie comics vs. context death match roundtable.

RM Rhodes says stop complaining about Marvel and DC and vote with your feet.

Kailyn Kent on how the romance narrative eats Lucy in A Room With a View.

Richard Cook and I live-blogged the Presidential address on Syria.

Richard Cook with ads of food from comic books.

Me on seeing and not seeing race in the Pixies, Danity Kane, Johnny Ryan and Bloom County.

Chris Gavaler on superhero anatomy then and now.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At the Atlantic I wish people would talk about poems rather than poetry.

Also at the Atlantic I talk about the uncomfortable racist roots of anti-interventionism.

At the Chicago Reader I’ve got some previews of upcoming pomo museum shows.

At Splice I explain to the mainstream that black metal does not equal fascism necessarily (just genocide.)

I also argue that morally shaming people for not putting their kids in public school is not a good idea.
Other Links

An excerpt about being an ally to trans women from Julia Serano’s wonderful book Excluded.

Jeet Heer interviewed about his new book about Francoise Mouly.

Interesting piece at Slate refuting the case for charter schools and vouchers.

And Richard Dawkins once again brings shame to atheists everywhere. Thanks, Richard.

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