Featured Archive Post: James Romberger on Alex Toth’s late horror comics.

Pam Grier is too cool to write an interesting memoir.

I argue that nobody should care who wrote the Jack Kirby/Stan Lee collaborations because the writing isn’t any good.

Ng Suat Tong on Satoshi Kon’s mediocre Tropic of the Sea.

We started our Indie Comics vs. Context death match roundtable. See our handy index here.

RM Rhodes on Hipster Hitler and American Captain — old icons in new context.

Bert Stabler on how Matt Groening improved the Simpsons by disappearing.

Jacob Canfield reviewed The Graphic Textbook and found it wanting.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At Salon I argue that if you want good advice on writing you should ask a hack.

I wrote a fun piece at Splice about various versions of Bonnie Raitt’s schmaltz standard I Can’t Make You Love Me

At the Atlantic I talk about:

—Miley Cyrus, Jeff Koons, and the goal of pop artificiality.

—a documentary about the first independent television station in Afghanistan.
Other Links

Laura Hudson interviews Eva Orner on her documentary The Network, about the first independent TV station in Afghanistan.

James Romberger on Jack Kirby’s In The Days of the Mob.

Zack Beauchamp on how racism caused the shutdown.


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