Our Indie Comics vs. Context roundtable rolled on.

We had an Indie Comics vs. Google Trends showdown.

A music sharing post featuring indie cartoonists who also rock (or make other noises.)

Kailyn Kent on indie comics and the context of fannishness.

I wrote about gender in Johnny Ryan’s “Spring Break”

Charles Reece on feminism and Fukitor.

Qiana Whitted on Jennifer Cruté, race, risk, and underground cartooning.

Owen A looks at influences on the work of Rusty Jordan and Roman Muradov.
Utilitarians Everywhere
At the Atlantic I wrote about the documentary My Other Me, Cosplay and authenticity.

At Splice Today I wrote about the video for Lucius’ song “Turn It Around” and retor failure.

Tracy Q. Loxley talked to me and others about whether men who talk about feminism online get harassed (the consensus was not so much.)
Other Links
Splice Today is having an autobiographical writing contest with a $1000 prize.

Charles Hatfield takes a sledgehammer to the mediocre new PBS documentary on superheroes.

Danielle Paradis with a piece ostensibly about Miley Cyrus but actually about the sexualization of waitstaff.

Joseph Thomas on how our idiotic copyright regime is going to prevent him from publishing his biography of Shel Silverstein.

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