A list of posts about femael indie comics creators on HU.

A list of posts by female indie comics creators on HU.

I talk about why Gwyneth Jones’ sci-fi novels and why a coke bottle can be indie comics.

Tom Gill reviews Midnight Fishermen, a Singapore-published collection of Tatsumi stories never before translated into English.

Robert Stanley Martin continues his reevaluation of Jim Shooter, looking at Shooter’s relationship with Tony Isabella, Steve Englehart, and Gerry Conway.

Alex Buchet with part 6 of his prehistory of the superhero series, this one focusing on Buffalo Bill, dime novels, and the pulps.

Chris Gavaler on Sandy Hook and the superheroic war on crime.
Utilitarians Everywhere

On Salon this week I wrote about:

—Selena Kitt’s erotic ebook “Babysitting the Baumgartners” and romance tropes.

—Orson Scott Card’s Xenogensis, white savior fantasies and sexism.

At the Atlantic I wrote about 12 Years a Slave and masculinity.

For my first piece at The Dissolve I reviewed When I Walk, a documentary about its creator’s multiple sclerosis.

At Splice Today I warned mamas not to let your babies grow up to be politicians.
Other Links

Craig Fischer with a massive piece on Dave Berg.

Rad-Femme Lawyer on why your penis is not a good lens through which to view human rights issues.

Danielle Paradis on bisexuality and the closet.

Mary McCarthy on not going crazy with the dieting.

Janine Ballard review the Slightest Provocation, a romance by Pam Rosenthal.

Jaclyn Frieman on how Men’s Rights Activism hurts men.


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