I talked about The Interrupters and violence in Chicago.

Our music sharing post featured Ms. Jade and lots more.

Alex Buchet reaches America with his series on the prehistory of the superhero.

Subdee on Homestuck dealing with its fans.

Chris Gavaler on the Western voyages of Sinbad.

Me on Hulk vs. Jeff Koons.

Chris Gavaler on a tea party superhero.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At the Atlantic Cities I interviewed Daniel Hertz about the inequality of violence in Chicago.

At the Atlantic I reviewed a new documentary about Muscle Shoals.

At Splice Today I wrote about:

how great Cassie is.

— how the shutdown is really not very much like the Civil War.
Other Links

Jeffrey O. Gustafson compares Adventure Time 19 to Solaris.

Mikki Kendall on violence and segregation in Chicago.

Corey Blake wonders if Comixology should go public.

Jonathan Bernstein on Republican party dysfunction.

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