Featured Archive Post: Brian Cremins on representing music in comics with Gil Kane and Bob Dylan.

Annie Murphy on women and exclusion in comics.

Chris Gavaler on Thor vs. the Dark World of DC.

Ng Suat Tong argues that Michael DeForge needs better critics.

Caroline Small argued that comics criticism needs more critic-practitioners.

Kristian Williams talked about the morality of Watchmen, Fail-Safe, and Arendt’s Eichmann in Jerusalem.

Ng Suat Tong responds to Kristian’s post by asserting that Ozymandias is less of a bastard than John F. Kennedy.

For our first PencilPanelPage post, Adrielle Mitchell talked about Krazy Kat and the comics canon.

I talk about why I try to get women writers on HU.

Utilitarians Everywhere

On the Atlantic I wrote about

—Lily Allen’s crappy new video, the impossibility of parody in pop, and how you should buy Valerie June’s album.

Leigh Moscowitz’s new book, The Battle Over Marriage: Gay Rights Activism Through the Media, and assimilation as dialectic.

At the Dissolve I wrote about the mediocre political documentary Caucus.

At Splice Today I wrote about

—my son explaining conceptual art.

—a great documentary about bees dying off

Other Links

This is a really depressing piece about treatment of women in the comics industry.

Ariel Chesler on men’s reproductive rights and fatherhood (the linked Anna March piece is worth reading too.)

Danielle Paradis on Joss Whedon redefining feminism.

Our own James Romberger is an Eisner Award judge.


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