Featured Archive Post: Domingos Isabelinho on Shannon Gerard.

Richard Cook on Journey, the video game.

Eric Berlatsky on queerness and Krazy Kat.

Alex Buchet discusses superheroes and transhumanism in a coda to his prehistory of the superhero series.

Jacob Canfield reviews Benjamin Urkowitz’s Real Rap.

Osvaldo Oyola on Dan Slott’s She-Hulk as meta-comic.

Roy T. Cook for PencilPanelPage asks, Why does ignatz throw from right to left?

Chris Gavaler on the first mutant, from the age of eugenics.

Me on Krazy Kat, artifice and the comics canon.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At the Atlantic,

—I talked about recent allegations against Brian Wood and sexism in comics.

— I talked about testing in the Japanese school system and why we shouldn’t see education as about economics.

— I argued that selfies are art.

At Splice Today

—I praised the fuddy-duddy music of Don Williams

— I bitch about he stupidity of evolutionary psychology trying to explain bitchiness
Other Links

Jane Doe with a brief insight into the relationship of trans identity, race, gender, and violence.

Jed Perl very satisfyingly sneers at Art Spiegelman.

Danielle Paradis on that Lily Allen video.


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