Feature Archive Post: James Romberger on late Jack Kirby.

I talk about romance, patriarchy, and Jennifer Cruise’s Welcome to Temptation.

I talk about smugness and climate scientists.

Craig Fischer on women in B.P.R.D.

Osvaldo Oyola on interpretation, dream, and Matt Kindt’s Mind MGMT

Chris Gavaler on lit fic, genre, and teaching writing.

Roy T. Cook for PPP looks at art changes in the Invisibles from floppy to trade, and asks whether, or how much, the comic is changed.

Erica Friedman on zombies and gender in Attack on Titan.

Utilitarians Everywhere

At the Atlantic I talk about slavery films, Oscars, and white saviors.

At Salon I list 24 great movie soundtracks, from R.D. Burman to Carl Stalling to Outkast to Miles Davis.

At Splice Today I am skeptical that Andrew Sullivan will trasform the media.

Other Links

Nicky Smith kicks the odious Her.

Julia Serano talks about dating and politics.

A thoughtful defens of Armond White.

Sarah Kessler with a great piece on Girls and work.


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