Featured Archive Post: Darryl Ayo on Before Watchmen and the children’s crusade.

I wrote about how guys in romance are hotter than the girls, and often richer too.

Lee Relvas on being a working-class artist.

James Romberger looks at Douglas Fairbanks’ The Mark of Zorro (and makes a storyboard for the film.)

Sarah Shoker on feminism, the Little Mermaid, and Frozen.

Samantha Meier with her first column on women underground cartoonists, looking at women’s comics anthologies.

Frank Bramlett with this week’s PPP post, asking how do comics artists use speech balloons?

Chris Gavaler on why superheroes should be in the academy (plus a syllabus.)
Utilitarians Everywhere

At the Atlantic I argue that 1984 is a romance and Julia is a MPDG.

At Salon I’ve got a song for each month of the year.

At the Center for Digital Ethics I talk about the ethics of quoting from social media.

At the Dissolve I review:

Old Goats, a crappy senior citizen buddy movie.

Mercedes Sosa, a lovely doc about the radical singer.

At Splice Today I talk about:

how to be anti-war a film needs to not be a war film (looking at Full Metal Jacket and Atonement.)

Armond White and why 12 Years as Slave as torture porn isn’t a bad thing.

Other Links

Michael Carson talks about Lone Survivor and the ironic kitsch of war movies.

Andreas Stoehr is completely wrong about Her, but his review is still lovely.

Osvaldo Oyola on Ms. Marvel and revisionist feminist history.

Christina Kahrl on how Grantland screwed up in outing a trans woman.

Grace takes down Dinesh D’Souza with Gifs.

Sarah Kendzior with a great piece about academic publishing.

Raymond Cummings provides a public service message from Barack Obama.

Molli Desi Devadasi on problems with the sex work rescue industry.


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