Featured Archive Post: Kristian Williams on morality in Mad Max, Rorschach, and Girl With the Dragon Tatoo.

Stephen King’s The Running Man and superhero fascism.

What is the worst movie of the year?

Rooting for the Nazis in Mignola’s Hellboy.

We’ve got a Bloom County roundtable on the way in a couple of weeks. If you’d like to participate, let me know.

Chris Gavaler on sherlock vs. sherlock vs. sherlock.

Hellboy art is not all that. Especially when you’re talking about Mignola’s Baba Yaga.

Qiana Whitted asks for PPP, “What Is An African-American Comic?”

Chris Gavaler on cowboys, superheroes, and online harassment.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At Salon

— I list 18 great songs about the devil

— I talk about how the internet made me a better writer

At the Atlantic:

— I argue that just because racism and sexism is of its time doesn’t mean we should ignore it.

— I review At Middleton, which envisions college as a playground for the affluent.

At Splice Today I talk about how:

moral foreign policy is an oxymoron.

I would like more hypocrisy from Paul Ryan.

Other Links

Jeet Heer on the limitations of Herblock.

Owen Alldritt on Her as biting satire of the human condition.

Brannon Costello on Howard Chaykin and fascism.

Edie Fake on Mould Map 3.

Natalie Cecire on gender and the discussion of head injuries in football


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