The Gay Utopia was a project of art, criticism, and collective jouissance I put together in 2007. Unfortunately, the site I used to host images at the time folded, leaving the project much dimished. I’ve decided to try to move what I can over here for stability and archival purposes.

The original map of the gay utopia is here. I will add links to gay utopia posts on this site as they go up. This will take some time, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to get permissions for all of them, but we’ll do our best.

Anne Lorimer: Do Tibetans Think Iran Is In the Middle East?opening dissent

EyeofSerpent: Friendly Advice”erotic mind control fiction

Michael Manning: Under the Venusberg: Tannhauser, Beardsley and Ion Beardsley’s sinister, enticing eroticism

Nishizaka Hiromimanga retelling of Little Red Riding Hood

Bert Stabler: The Post-Gender Mystiquereview of the exhibit Shojo Manga! Girl Power!

Lee Relvas: The Kinship Structure of Fernscomics

Edie Fake: Call the Cornerscomic

Matt Thorn: On The Left Hand of Darknessa brief defense

Vom Marlowe: Girl Yojislash fan fiction from the anime Weiss Kreutz

Julia Serano: Performance Piecethe problem with gender as performance

Paul Mullins: Artdrawings

Ma Rainey: Prove It On Me Bluessong lyrics

Rebecca Field: Militant Homosexual Dressdress designed for a dyke march

Lilli Carré: Drawingsart with flowers

The Giant Squid: My Time in the Gay Utopiaask the Giant Squid

Eric Berlatsky: Lone Woolf and Cubs: Alan Moore, Post Modern Fiction and Third-Wave Feminist Utopianismon The Black Dossier

Kinukitty: In and Out —manporn for all

Ariel Schrag: Wandering Handscomics

Paul Nudd: The Love-Chutney Drawingsillustrations

Bert Stabler: The Glory and the Holeclosing synthesis