Featured Archive Post: Me on whether you have a right to privacy.

We finished up our Bloom County Rountable with posts by:

my 10 year old with Bloom Couty fan art

the commentariat weighing in on the most underrated and overrated comics strips

Shaenon Garrity on Bloom County and the Simpsons.

Jason Thompson on reading Bloom County then and now.

Jacob Canfield on what he learned from Bloom County.

Roy T. Cook on transforming into hypersexual superheroines.

Chris Gavaler on the Confederate superheroes of America.
Utilitarians Everywhere

I was on HuffPost Live talking about Michael B. Jordan’s casting as Johnny Storm. Other guests ere Conseula Francis, Julian Chambliss, and W. Kamau Bell.

At Salon:

— I listed 18 songs about alien invasion

—I talked about the gender imbalance in literary reviews and what that has to do with romance novels.

—I argued that the Dead Poets Society is kind of fascist. As well as being a vomitous pile of bilge.

— I explained the one secret of writing success.

At Splice Today I wrote about:

—how kids should get to vote.

the Duke freshman who works in porn and feminist arguments about empowerment.

—the Flying Lizards great New Wave pop novelty high art weirdness 1980 self-titled album.
Other Links

Alyssa Rosenberg on Lupita Nyong’o, beauty standards, and blackness.

I happened to read this post by Wendy Lyon on the Nordic model of prostitution and how there’s little evidence it reduces violence.

Russ Smith wishes the newspaper editorial would die already.

Richard Cooper on twitter feminism.


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