Featured Archive Post: Jog on Bollywood sci-fi.

Bert Stabler on Christianity, the gay utopia, and why V for Vendetta is no good.

Me on R. Fiore, Walt Kelly, and why our idols can’t be racist. (a response to R. Fiore’s piece at TCJ.)

Kailyn Kent on chianti in Robocop.

Chris Gavaler on allegorical drones in Captain America: Winter Soldier.

Brian Cremins on Walt Kelly and imagining the South in Connecticut. (a response to R. Fiore’s piece at TCJ.)

Frank Bramlett for PPP asks, how do questions get answered in comics?

Sean Michael Robinson on trying, and failing, to create a graphic novel.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At the Atlantic I wrote about why we need to stop comparing the NSA to 1984.

At Salon I had a list of Michael Jackson covers.Libertarians for free speech, except the free speech to tell the Mozilla CEO to get lost.

Squarepusher collaborating with Japanese robots.
Other Links

A survey on sexual harassment in comics.

Tracy Q. Loxley on contraception and the the ACA.

Jonathan Bernstein on how Rand Paul’s campaign is like Jesse Jackson’s.


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