Featured Archive Post: Chris Gavaler’s students review Spider-Man 2.

Me on why it’s not morally wrong to send your kid to private school.

Ng Suat Tong on the subversive blandness and bland subversion of Ms. Marvel.

Sean Michael Robinson on Depeche Mode, Doré and the denigration of craft.

Sarah Shoker on the economics of fantasy and why nerds like stuff.

Roy T. Cook asks if Tong of the Fantastic Four is transgendered.

Kailyn Kent on why suggestions of lighting for wine are stupid.
Utilitarians Everywhere

I contributed a piece to the Orange Is the New Black roundtable at Public Books, which really kicks the series satisfyingly. My piece is on the way that the series uses hoary lesbian tropes from the 1950 prison film Caged.

At the Chicago Reader I did a short review of Edie Fake’s wonderful Memory Palaces, which he’ll be reading from at Quimby’s tomorrow.

At the Atlantic I wrote about how Beyoncé critiques bell hooks.

At Salon I wrote about:

— the 12 greatest albumsof the 90s.

—how twitter has enabled sex worker speech.

—Comic Book Resources’ decision to revamp their comments in the light of sexist abuse.

At Splice Today I wrote about

Liberals for the Republican establishment

— why mainstream sites cover Game of Thrones even though no one watches it.

At the Dissolve I wrote about the mediocre documentary Next Year in Jerusalem, about nursing home patients visiting Israel.
Other Links

Rob Liefeld…what more can you say?

Dani Paradis on a camp for children to express whatever gender they want.

Jonathan Bernstein on why campaign finance reform isn’t worth the candle.

Linda Holmes on romance fiction and women’s health.


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