Featured Archive Post: Jason Overby on every Johnny Ryan parody ever.

Ma Rainey with blues for the Gay Utopia.

Tom Gill on narrative, hint, and symbol in the work of Tsuge.

Michael Carson on Starship Troopers and failing to fight fascism with satire.

Kailyn Kent on Shopgirl, wine, and sin.

Adrielle Mitchell on Hillary Chute’s Out of the Box and comics creators commenting on their own work.

Chris Gavaler on the making of Monte Cristo, novel and sandwhich.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At the Atlantic:

— I wrote about why the Dr. Strange film won’t be as good as Steve Ditko.

—I provided a short history of male feminism

At Salon:

—I listed great gospel singers and the secular artists they influenced

—I talk about the film Eden and why people are eager to believe that transparent exploitation dreck tells us the truth about trafficking.

At the Center for Digital Ethics I wrote about the ethics of tweeting prostitution stings.

At Splice Today I wrote about:

pitching stories and how to get rejected while trying pretty hard.

asking kids if they need saving before you save them from heatstroke.
Other Links

Kathleen Hale with the best essay about YA ever.

Nancy Leong on harassment and the responsibility to moderate comments.

Conor Fridersdorf on why we should put MLK on the 20 dollar bill.

Elizabeth Nolan Brown on doubts about Chong Kim’s sex trafficking story.

Nicky Smith on boring Jeff Tweedy and his boring songs.

Jason Diamond on Ariel Schrag’s new novel Adam.


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