Featured Archive Post: Mette Ivie Harrison on Bella as a Mormon goddess in Twilight.

Me on how shirtless Henry Cavill will seduce you to the good.

Julia Serano on why gender isn’t performance.

Nora Olsen on the history of YA.

Virgin talks to virgin, a discussion of male and female virginity.

Rahawa Haile on Godzilla, the emotionally reticent engine that could.

Michael A. Johnson on empathy and iconicity in comics.

Orion Martin on figuring out how to get from panel to panel in comics.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At the Atlantic

— I argue that OITNB is unadventurous sexually and politically compared to the exploitation film Caged Heat.

— I esplain why men should be feminists.

—I argued that YA books can be complex by talking about Stacey Donovan’s Dive

— I interviewed Judy Y. Chu about her book When Boys Become Boys, gender, and childhood development.

At Salon:

—I had a list of musicians who were still making decent music after 40 years.

—I talked about She-Hulk and the problems with hoping for more female superheroes.

I had two really fun pieces on Splice Today. I wrote about:

—the new album by Bok Bok and how it’s just a future past projection of Prince, James Brown, and Louis Jordan

—how my ten year old decided to start sleeping with us again.
Other Links

Osvaldo Oyala with a two-part essay on the X-Men Days of Future Past: Part One;
Part Two.

Interesting Huffpost Live conversation on the YesAllWomen hashtag and minority women

Melissa Gira Grant on Somaly Mam and prostitution rescue fantasies.


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