On Octavia Butler’s Xenogenesis and feminist submission.

Me on Ariel Schrag’s Adam and penises.

Ross Campbell, author of Wet Moon, on endings.

Chris Gavaler documents the graffitti of Angouleme.

Ben H. Winters on a career writing mash-ups, funny and otherwise.

Me on how Bob Dylan and John Porcellino will get you with twee nostalgia.

Michael A. Johnson on surrealism, history, and Rutu Modan’s clear line.

Kailyn Kent on “Under The Skin” and failing to get inside the mind of the spider lady.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At NPR I did a commentary on masculinity and virginity.

At the LA Review of Books I wrote about Octavia Butler, Gone With the Wind, and how a utopia for some can be a hell for someone else, depending on where you’re standing.

At the Atlantic I

—tried to quantify how many women read superhero comics.

—wrote about the genius of casting Beyoncé as Christian Grey in the 50 Shades movie.

At Splice Today

—I write about Iggy Azalea, racial appropriation and class solidarity.

— I listed the worst Beatles songs

At the Chicago Reader I briefly wrote about Insect Ark and emo goth drone for metalheads

I was on WCEH’s World’s Finest radio show talking about sci-fi and genre. (download the Hooded Utilitarian show from itunes at the link.)
Other Links

Mark Stricherz on what happened to Dinesh D’Souza.

Kim O’Connor interviews Hillary Chute.

Jessica Lahey on a 6th grader who stole a scientist’s research.

C.T. May explains why Thomas Frank’s complaints about Obama are silly.

Maya Mikdashi on how Palestinian men are seen as always, already dangerous.


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