Featured Archive Post: our Octavia Butler roundtable

Me on Nicki Minaj’s crappy first album.

Nishizaka Hiromi with a manga version of red riding hood, translated by Matt Thorn for the gay utopia.

Kim O’Connor on Tom Spurgeon, tcj.com, and barriers to women in comics crit.

Chris Gavaler with an introduction to the French superhero Atomas.

Alex Buchet with the first ever translation of Pellos’ French superhero comic, Atomas.

Brian Cremins with his first post as a regular for PPP — on Charles Johnson’s single panel cartoons and Thiery Groensteen’s theories of narrative.

Me on Christopher Priest’s Black Panther being trapped by superhero tropes.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At the Atlantic:

—I interviewed Feminista Jones about street harassment of Black women.

— I reviewed Above the Dreamless Dead, a collection of comics adaptations of World War I Poetry, and talked about the possibility of anti-war art.

At the Awl I interviewed Otrebor aka Botanist about black metal and eco-apocalypse.

At Salon I did a list of the most covered songs. This is my last list for Salon, alas.

At Splice Today I speculate about the next Supreme Court nomination battle and the broken Republican party.
Other Links

David Brothers on Marvel’s diversity marketing.

At the Village Voice, Stephanie Zacharek said the Guardians of the Galaxy was mediocre. Marvel true believers spewed sexist bile, because that is what they do.

Andrew O’Hehir thinks about violence and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Margaret Corvid on the pernicious myth of sex trafficking.

Russ Smith on still liking Bob Dylan, albeit not live.


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