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My book was (finally!) released this week. There were a number of reviews and interviews and such.

The Atlantic printed an excerpt adapted from the book’s intro.

Alex Deuben interviewed me at Comic Book Resources.

Paul Semel interviewed me at his site.

Suzette Chan reviewed the book at Sequential Tart.

Tim Hanley reviewed it at The Comics Journal. (Tim had a little more to say at his blog here.

Sheryl Kirby reviewed my book and Jill Lepore’s together.

This was a kind of overwhelming week on HU. We had a bunch of posts about my Wonder Woman book release, and then everybody wanted to write about Charlie Hebdo.

So Wonder Woman first:

I interviewed Carla Speed McNeil about how Marston/Peter’s take on gender inspires her.

I posted a gallery of images from my book.

Kailyn Kent wrote a review of my book and talked about how boring super-hero movies are.

I interviewed Trina Robbins about her love of the Marston/Peter comics (and got her to admit there’s a lot of bondage in them!)

And now Charlie Hebdo:

Kim O’Connor, listens as comics speaks to you.

Michael Kupperman on cartooning for the NYT and being edited by hobbits.

Marguerite Dabaie on Arab cartoonists whose repression has been sidelined in the Charlie Hebdo discussion.

Caroline Small on satire and empathy and the disconnect between the two.

Ben Saunders on why Charlie Hebdo should not be blamed for the attacks.

Bert Stabler on why Joe Sacco’s Charlie Hebdo cartoon was wishy-washy and awful.

Janell Hobson on how racism is, and is not, lost in translation.

Whew! It’s been nice to have so much interest, but a bit exhausting too. It’ll be nice to get back to just posting once a day and I presume being ignored by most of the internets.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At Pacific Standard I wrote about plus-sized models and the gaze of the sociologist.

At Ravishly:

— I wrote about how even in death, you can have privilege.

—I did a list of great women of gospel.

— I wondered whether a romance novel needs a happy ending.

— I wrote about the Adam West Batman and manly violence.

At Splice Today

— I explained that the Senate is not undemocratic.

—I endorsed Romney for President.
Other Links

There’s too much here already; no more links this week.

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