Due to increasing pressures of various sorts, the contributors to PencilPanelPage – Frank, Roy, Brian, Michael, Adrielle, and Qiana – regretfully are not longer going to be able to provide our lively once-per-week column on theoretical issues in comics.

squarelogoThis isn’t a goodbye, however, but merely a transition into a new, more flexible format. All of us plan to continue to post on The Hooded Utilitarian on a more occasional basis – as often as the ideas keep coming and the time to write them up is available. We’ll continue to use the PencilPanelPage imprint for our posts, and we’ll also stay on the lookout for exciting guest bloggers as well. PencilPanelPage has been an amazing, and educational, experience for all of us, and we won’t give that up entirely without a fight!

To mark this transition, the PencilPanelPage team put together a short list of some of our favorite PPP posts from the last few years (some hosted on The Hooded Utilitarian, others from our earlier incarnation as a WordPress blog before Noah was kind enough to invite us here). We had a lot of fun looking over dozens of past posts to compile this list, and we hope you’ll enjoy a quick glance at the past as well!

Frank: How do comics artists use speech balloons?

Roy: When are two comics the same comic?

Brian: Walt Kelly and me.

Michael: What do ‘silent’ comics teach us about the medium?

Adrielle: Finding the dynamic in the still: Paul Klee as comics artist.

Qiana: How do comics represent Ferguson?

We want to thank all of the readers of the blog , and especially Noah for making it all possible. It’s been a great fourteen months, and we hope to continue to contribute to the great atmosphere here at The Hooded Utilitarian for many more months, and many more years, to come!

Frank, Roy, Brian, Michael, Adrielle, and Qiana



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