Featured Archive Post: Qiana Whitted on blues comics.

Robert Stanley Martin with on sale dates of comics from mid 1947.

Chris Gavaler on discovering desire via Frazetta.

< href="http://www.hoodedutilitarian.com/2015/09/purity-culture-with-fangs/">Me on the film Teeth, and purity culture with fangs.

Me on spaghetti westerns, men, women, and guns.

Me on Andrew Breitbart and his eulogists.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At Broadly I wrote about how criminalizing midwives hurts women and babies.

At Quartz I wrote about Amber Batts and how criminalization hurts sex workers.

At Playboy I wrote about how there is no evidence of a Ferguson Effect.

At Splice Today I wrote about

—how a Breitbart writer accidentally palled around with a terror suspect.

—how campaign finance reform isn’t a very exciting platform for Bernie Sanders.

At Ravishly I reviewed the Perfect Guy, which is pretty good if you think all men are evil and should die.

At the Reader I wrote a little review of the great Japanese goofball rockers Mugen Hoso.
Other Links

Jay Gwaltney on text sex games.

Fascinating interview with Timothy Snyder about the Holocaust and state institutions.

Sarah Nyberg on being a troll, and changing.

Molly Smith on decriminalizing sex work in Scotland.

Aaron Bady on Taylor Swift and colonial fantasy.


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