I was on vacation for part of this week, so things have been a little slow.

Next week I have a couple of book promotion bargain things happening, so follow my twitter or facebook or Patreon for notification of those.

I did a series of interviews with BLM activists back in 2015. They never got published, so I finally posted them.
Utilitarians Everywhere

I’m editing a series of romance criticism columns at Public Books. Ria Cheyne wrote a great piece on disability in Fay Robinson’s A Man Like Mac.

At Playboy I wrote about the first season of Preacher as a revisionist revisionist Western.

At Random Nerds I wrote about the Defenders and bad crossovers.

At Splice Today I wrote about the trope of the Nazi supervillain.

At Bandcamp I reviewed Svartsyn’s awesome black metal album “In Death.”

At the Reader I wrote about a great new Memphis soul band, Southern Avenue.

I had a little chat with Gerry Canavan about whether Octavia Butler’s Oankali are evil.

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