On Angela Nagle’s excellent critique of counter-culture misogyny and how her book does the exact thing she decries.

I explained why the term alt left is bad and should be avoided.

On the Hooded Utilitarian

Somewhat randomly, we had a couple posts on HU for various reasons.

Nix on what Meghan Murphy doesn’t get about feminism and sex work.

Paul Austin on Television’s great forgotten album.

Utilitarians Everywhere

At Quartz I wrote about:

—how the ACLU shouldn’t defend fascists.

Atypical and how autism is used in the media to excuse sexism.

At Playboy I interviewed N.K. Jemisin about her book the Stone Sky, racism, and apocalypse.

At the Verge I wrote about the goofy original Defenders comics, which are not much like the television show.

At the Reader I wrote about the Scorched Tundra metal festival.

On Splice Today I wrote about:

Eastern Condors, a Honk Kong Vietnam picture which makes all other Vietnam pictures look like half-assed messes too.

how Facebook is so cheery it depresses me.

—how the left is pretty unified, relatively.

At Bandcamp I reviewed a new drone/spoken word album from Heinali and Matt Finney.

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