Why all the characters on Grey’s Anatomy are horrible people.

Happy Death Day! and making the slasher a rom com and vice versa.

Chapo Trap House needs to stop mocking victims of sexual assault.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At Bandcamp I did a gloriously massive list of sludge metal.

At Pacific Standard

—I wrote about how panic over free speech on campus is a threat to free speech.

Ilana Gershon and I wrote about how studying the humanities teaches you to job hunt.

At Playboy I explained why the television Watchmen adaptation will suck.

At Splice Today I wrote about

—Lookingglass theater’s Dickens adaptation and how capitalists these days love the circus.

—a terrible piece at the Tablet which blamed Weinstein’s abusiveness on his Jewishness.

the Philadelphia Story and the joys of humiliating women.

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