Utilitarians Everywhere

The lovely and talented Donovan Morgan Grant and I talked about Professor Marston and the Wonder Woman on his podcast, the Comic Book Film Revue.

At Thinkprogress I wrote about a study that shows that when female homicide rates dropped when Craigslist opened its erotic services section.

At the Verge I argued that Elizabeth Marston and Olive Byrne totally had sex with each other just like the new movie says.

At Pacific Standard I told Dick Durbin not to chase those mythical sensible centrists.

At Quartz I wrote about how the Weinstein story is about patriarchy as well as sexism.

At Splice Today I wrote about

—the craven new social media policy at the New York Times.

The Awful Truth and risqué innocence.

At Bandcamp I wrote about a great world dance album by Diron Animal.

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