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On science-fiction and how we no longer believe in a future.

The 5th Dimension’s Magic Garden is better than Sgt. Pepper’s.

Why the white working class came out for Trump.

Utilitarians Everywhere

At Vice I wrote about the wonderful horror television show No End House, and using serial fiction to mirror grief.

At Pacific Standard I wrote about Mr. Robot and why you can’t have a socialist superhero.

At A Beautiful Perspective I wrote about

—the Chicago campaign to keep Rahm Emanuel from spending 95 million on a new cop academy.

Ann Leckie’s Imperial Radch series and why screen sci-fi is less adventurous than sci-fi novels.

At Splice Today I wrote about

Hamilton’s Battalion, a series of romance novellas about marginalized people during the Revolutionary war.

—whether Jane Austen was a lesbian.

—how you (yes you!) are implicated in Murder on the Orient Express.

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