My new book on fascism in film came out this week! Buy it now! Buy it again just to be safe!

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The 100th best album ever, Risque Rhythm, a collection of dirty jump blues. (and why comps on best of lists aren’t cheating.)

I wrote a couple haiku.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At Public Books, Lucinda Elliot wrote about why Georgette Heyer is reactionary and romances for working people. (This is part of an occasional series on romance novels that I edit.

At Quartz I wrote about

the Supreme Court wedding cake case and how denying people service contributes to restrictions on free speech.

—Al Franken resigning, and why it’s a sign of Democratic strength.

At Splice Today I wrote about:

—why the Democrats aren’t to blame for the tax bill.

—a Superman comic from my childhood Part of a new series; this one’s about not wanting to be a superhero and Superman as un-castrator.

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