Fish Without Bicycles

Fish without Bicycles: Feuchtenberger and the Distortion of Scopophilia

Over in the comments to Erica’s introductory post, Robert Stanley Martin commented that the art of Amanda Vahamaki’s The Bun Field (the subject of the last Fish without Bicycles) doesn’t appeal to him. I’ve heard similar things recently from male friends about both Vahamaki and Anke Feuchtenberger, specifically W the Whore Makes Her Tracks.

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In which Caro reads The Bun Field, muses on gender and metaphor and remembers how hard it is to write short

This is the first of a series of posts about art comics by women, combining reviews with critical attention to whether it matters that women wrote them. Bear with me through a little awkwardness; it’s been awhile since I’ve stretched these muscles. In her response to last week’s “Gender and Cartooning in Chicago” thread, Erica […]

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