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Monika Bartyzel on Bella, Buffy, Katniss, and Femininity

I’m sick of the arguments against Bella because I’ve yet to see one that doesn’t try to morph the facts to fit the argument.

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Tween Horror

“The widespread and almost-always knee-jerk “feminist” contempt for Bella, both in itself and in comparison with “tough” female characters like Katniss and Buffy, is a tremendous intellectual and social failure.”

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A Brief Post on Gender and Gun-Swords

I was playing Final Fantasy XIII recently, and I intended to write a straightforward review. Then I realized that was boring, so here’s a rambling essay instead… The medium of video games encompass a broad range of entertainment, including puzzle games, racing games, musical performance simulators, and shooters. The latter category dominates American gaming in […]

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