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The cycle of criticism

There has been a recent discussion of the nature of manga criticism and where it can be found (and if it can be found).  I have maintained that, yes, it does exist and can be found, whereas others have other views.  As part of that discussion, I want to explain part of the issues as […]

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Review: Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms

“The ultimate defeat is, in short, to forget; especially to forget those who kill us. It is to die without any suspicion, to the very end, of how perverse people are. There is no use in struggling when we already have one foot in the grave. And we must not forgive and forget. We must […]

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Contentious Manga Criticism

Since Suat made a plea for contentious manga criticism I thought I’d point him (and maybe others) to some possible weekend reading. At our old address, me, Bill Randall, Tom Crippen, and Miriam Libicki participated in roundtables on YKK and Helter Skelter. Both include harshly negative assessments, name-calling, hair-pulling, and small arms fire. Or at […]

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