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Hating on Season Eight

How season eight sucked the life out of Buffy.

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Please Save My Earth with Melinda & Michelle

Please Save My Earth is a 21-volume soft sci-fi epic about seven Japanese children (six teenagers and one elementary school student) who discover that they are the reincarnations of a group of alien scientists who once studied the Earth from a remote base on the Moon.

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One Thousand and One Nights with Melinda & Michelle

MELINDA: Hello, Utilitarians. I’m Melinda Beasi. MICHELLE: And I’m Michelle Smith. MELINDA: About a month ago, Noah asked if we’d be interested in having a conversation about comics here at The Hooded Utilitarian, similar to our weekly manga discussion column, Off the Shelf (at Manga Bookshelf), and our monthly art-talk feature, Let’s Get Visual (at […]

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