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Ariel Schrag, Subject and Object

ARIEL SCHRAG, SUBJECT & OBJECT “I don’t wanna write something that like, other people would read, flipping through, I’d wanna write something important, you know?” “Not really.” When I read any fictional work, as much as I try not to, I’m always reading it as disguised autobiography. Most manga, as much as I like it, […]

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Battle At the Likewise Roundtable!

I disagree with so much in Suat’s recent post it’s difficult to know where to begin. But perhaps I’ll start here. The plot [of Potential in summary is simple: Ariel goes to high school, “discovers” that she is a lesbian, meets other girls and has occasional sex and alcohol.” Um…no, i’ts not. The plot of […]

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In Search of “It”: A response to a review of Potential

My first contact with the work of Ariel Schrag occurred almost ten years ago following the release of Potential from Slave Labor Graphics. My renewed interest in her work stems from my host’s, Noah Berlatsky’s, enthusiasm for her comics which he considers among the best produced this past decade. Noah is probably Schrag’s most articulate […]

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