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Utilitarian Review 2/19/10 Much of the blogging this week was devoted to sneering and snarking at our host, I started things off by noting that, after two months, the site still sucks. Suat concurred, only moreso. In comments, former TCJ editor Robert Boyd also agreed. Bill Randall, somewhat despite himself, did a guest post offering […]

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Bill Randall Provides Free Professional Advice for

I still haven’t reconciled myself to Bill Randall’s departure from this blog…so I’m going to pretend he’s still here by stealing his comment from an earlier thread and making it into a post against his will. Especially since I occasionally hope that someone form reads this site, and I wanted to put this where […]

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(Part of an impromptu mini-roundtable on the failure of A few days ago, Noah wrote to me about a critical endeavor that he is planning for the HU site. By the by, I mentioned that deserved another “kick in the butt” now that it had enough time to improve itself to which he […]

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It’s been more than two months since I wrote this post discussing some of the problems on I wanted to do another go round — though I think this time there’ll be a good bit less fire and brimstone. In part that’s because there have been improvements to the site. Mostly, though, it’s because my […]

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Utilitarian Review 1/9/10

On HU Lots of bytes through the sluice on HU this week. To start off, I sneered at the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and wondered about Fantagraphics’ marketing policy (Fantagraphic marketers showed up to explain in the comments.) I denounced Lady Snowblood, movie and comic, on the grounds that they are evil. Suat came back with […]

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Yesterday Was Always Better

I promise this will be the last post for a while where I troll my proprietors. Unless they keep pissing me off, I guess. In case you missed it, Gary Groth, the editor of the Comics Journal, has a Welcome to post on the main page. The essay is basically an unctuous exercise in […]

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Note: This post was destroyed due to blog glitches. I’ve managed to replace the texts, but many of the links no longer exist. My apologies. ________________________ So, I should start off by saying that I have a ton of respect for everyone involved in TCJ. Dirk Deppey’s one of my favorite writers on comics; Michael […]

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