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Race and the Risks of ‘Kiddie Garbage’ Cartooning

Jennifer Cruté black creators, and creative risks.

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Strange Windows: Keeping up with the Goonses (part 5)

This is part five of our look at comics, cartoons and language– today focusing on the comic book Art by Don Newton and Alfredo Alcala “Jeff and Tom are an item? Isn’t that cradle-robbing?” “Oh, total Batman and Robin, you know.” That same online gay and LGBTglossary consulted in part 4 gives the following definitions: […]

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Strange Windows: I Was A Teenage Cartoonist

Bliss was it to be alive in that dawn, But to be young was very heaven! —Wordsworth A house in Launceston Place, Kensington, London; we were a couple of doors down. In 1969, my family moved to London; in December of that year, I turned 15. London– 1969– 15 years old? Yesss!!!! “Swinging London” was […]

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