Again we sample From Sawdust to Stardust: The Biography of DeForest Kelley, Star Trek’s Dr. McCoy. (See here for the last sampling.) I was going to call the post “Pseuds Corner,” but that’s been done. Anyway, the author isn’t a pseud. What she shares with us isn’t pretension, just the authentic wonder of her soul.

A reflection on Star Trek III:

The new energy created an archetypal gravity now invested in the three heroes and their story. The Star Trek crew had crossed from static icon to active mythology through the passion play, once introduced in 1968 with “The Empath.”

I especially like bringing in “The Empath.” (Good episode!) Because she figures it’s where the Star Trek passion play got started and she wants us to be clear on that point. She’s conscientious.

Fans worried that Star Trek III downplayed women. But the author feels they missed the point because, after all, the Enterprise blew up in that movie:

The Enterprise herself was a mother goddess. The mother’s sacrifice for the sake of the children is one of the oldest and highest myths of ancient humanity. The Enterprise destroyed herself so that the crew might live on, a holy event in the spiral of life.

And it is. A holy event in the spiral of life produced by Harve Bennett. So you know it was on budget.