Featured Archive Post: Caroline Small on how SPX blows her mind.

Me on why Harry Potter isn’t very good (it’s all about quidditch.)

Isaac Butler on perceiving race.

Alex Buchet continues his series on the prehistory of the superhero, this time focusing on Holmes and Wells.

RM Rhodes argues that SPX has something for everyone, unlike the mainstream.

Osvaldo Oyola on queer silence and a radical ending for the Killing Joke.

Me on the Joker’s wife, and also no how the Killing Joke is sanctimonious pulp crap.

Chris Gavaler on the superheroine dress code and how the mainstream is (slowly) becoming less sexist.
Utilitarians Everywhere

For my first ever piece at Salon, I talk about Ender’s Game and making genocide a sacrament.

At the Atlantic I argue that the NYT Book Review should just embrace its identity as a lit fic fanzine.

At the Atlantic I talk about the documentary the Revolutionaries and why right-wing ideologues in Texas are only part of a broader problem with education.

At Splice Today I talk about how racists who think Indians are Arabs aren’t actually confused (just racist.

Other Links

David Brothers on how racists-react-to-things posts are themselves racist.

Feminists pretend Playboy cares about consent.

on why focusing on confessions of white privilege are counter-productive.


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