We’re going to start an Octavia Butler Roundtable next week! Be here or miss the apocalyptic tentacle sex, as they say.

Featured Archive Post: me on Octavia Butler and submission in the Xenogenesis trilogy.

Lilli Carré with creepy flower drawings for the Gay Utopia.

Marc-Oliver Frisch on why comics need comics criticism.

Jog on AR Murugadoss, Bollywood’s crass analyst of the popular.

Benjamin Rogers on concertina comics, long film shots, and time dilation.

Roy T. Cook on how to interpret comic book covers, for PencilPanelPage.

Chris Gavaler on Fantomas and the dada of supervillainy.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At the Atlantic I wrote about:

—Barry Posen’s new book, Restraint, and the moral argument for America to do less.

— a study showing that people harassed online have few legal remedies.

At Salon I wrote about 10 musicians influenced by Dylan who are better than Dylan.

At Splice Today, I

—made fun of Damon Linker for thinking that Hillary’s gaffes matter.

—made fun of NPR for thinking that independent voters are a thing.

I was on HuffPost Live talking about the fact that George Will is an idiot. Hannah Groch-Begley and Jaclyn Friedman were both a lot more articulate than me, but I did start babbling about the connection between misogyny and anti-intellecutalism, causing the host to look at me as if I’d lost my mind.
Other Links

Tressie McMillan Cottom with an awesome essay on hick hop, or country rap.

Rachel Riederer on how paying college teachers nothing is not good for students.

Amanda Hess on why having a bunch of white men talk about sexism isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Yasmin Nair on the poor handling of race in the 2nd season of OITNB.

DC excited that Bob Kane is getting a star on Hollywood, fans eager to explain why DC sucks (and Bob Kane too.


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