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Thomas Nast and The Art of Betrayal

Thomas Nast’s embrace of racist caricature and neo-Confederate ideology.

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Art, Politics, and Wisconsin

The editorial cartoon above by Phil Hands has sparked some interesting debate. Hands published the cartoon along with an editorial in which he noted that he’s usually liberal, but in the case of the current Wisconsin budget crisis found himself siding with the Republican governor against employee unions. Tom Spurgeon read the editorial and complimented […]

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Strange Windows: Keeping Up with the Goonses (part 6)

This is part six of our look at comics, cartoons and language– today focusing on panel and editorial cartoons “When I saw them together at the beach, that’s when the light bulb switched on: they were having an affair!   The origin of this metaphor– the light bulb moment– for a sudden realisation or a […]

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